Sunday, 28 June 2015

Comic Review: We Are Robin #1

We Are Robin #1
Written by Lee Berjimo
Art by Jorge Corona
DC Comics

This is the first issue of the new We Are Robin series, and it certainly leaves an impression. Instead of Batman choosing a Robin, it's people with courage and a thirst for justice that choose to take on a mantle, and that, I find, is far nobler.
The story follows Duke Thomas, whose parents were caught in one of Joker's schemes, and are now lost to him. He's now stuck in the flawed foster system, and is intent on finding his parents since Batman won't.

It has hints of a cultural revolution happening, one that the newer generation are cultivating.

It builds a solid foundation for forthcoming issues, and briefly introduces the other Robins, who are of varied genders and races. I loved that, how inclusive it is. Even Duke is an African-American teen who gets in trouble too often, going from foster home to foster home.

My biggest gripe was the art. It was decent enough, except for the faces. Everyone's faces looks slouchy and almost Neanderthaloid.

Art: 2
Writing: 3.5
Plot: 3.5
Characters: 4
Interest: 4

4 stars

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