Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lady Thor, a review

Thor 4, vol 1 (#1-5)
written by Jason Aaron,
art by Russell Dauterman & Jorge Molina
Marvel Comics

After Nick Fury whispered the words that made Thor an unworthy wielder of Mjolnir, a new face has picked up the hammer, and all its responsibilities. Not everyone is pleased with this notion--Odin will fight to the death to find the thief--but it can't be helped for the hammer itself says

"Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of... Thor."

Here, Thor becomes a title, in the same way Spider-Man is an identity consisting of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. A lot of (mainly male) people have expressed their distaste towards a female Thor, but they're the same people who cried out against a Hispanic/African American Spider-Man and were vocal about Gwyneth Paltrow wearing the Iron Man suit in Iron Man 3. It's a fear of change that makes these nay-sayers uncomfortable. Not only that, but everything must reflect their lives personally, and they continually ignore the mere idea that there are people who don't fit the norm who want to see a character reflect their lives.

I think a female Thor is a revolutionary concept, one that will mark Marvel as well above and beyond anything DC could possibly do (I mean, they already had a gay marriage in 2008....). It was a risky decision, but Hel, it was good.

Lady Thor is an interesting character. At first, I found it grating that her thoughts and dialogue were so vastly different, but in retrospect, it makes me eager to see who she really is. Man-Thor, with his manly ego and pride, can't let go of his past identity. It is only after he is beaten with his own weapon that he realises he needs to stand aside and let this new face take his place.

But of course, not everyone is happy with this change, and Odin ironically plays the part of all the naysayers. In the last issue, he conspires with his brother Cul  to bring down this imposter and thief.

This comic deserves 5 stars. It's fun, yet serious, and is a graphic novel that is a reflection on modern life and the cultural views that are imposed on them. Here, all the female characters are accepting of this woman taking over Thor's mantle, yet the males--or rather, Thor himself--have to fight before they can accept a female wielding such power.
I eagerly await the next volume, excited to find out Thor's new identity.

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