Friday, 10 July 2015

Feature Follow Friday

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So hello any new followers! Feel free to say hi on this post.

Question of the Week: You can only eat one cuisine type for the rest of your life. Which would you choose? (E.g. Italian, French, Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Indian etc…) - Suggested by Journey Through Fiction

I think I could live off of scones with cream and jam and a mug of tea for the rest of my life. I adore the simple things in life.

What about you? What foods would you choose to eat for the rest of your life?

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  1. I've entered your giveaway! I've also followed you through GFC and Bloglovin! Thanks for the opportunity.. :)

  2. I just love tea and can happily live on it...Cream scones are tasty too but I can't live on them my whole life :)
    New GFC follower.
    PS: Your Bloglovin icon is not working.

    -Njkinny @Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff
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  3. Scones are delicious, great choice! haha
    New bloglovin' follower :)

    Joana @ The Boundless Booklist

  4. Yumm desserts! Do check out my FF:

    New Follower!

  5. You should try adding jam into cream and chocolate ice cream! Thank you for the comment on my blog! New bloglovin follower

    My FF:

  6. I like the way you think! Now I'm craving scones with jam & cream, haha. :-D Following via bloglovin'.

    Baggins @ Pinker Than Fiction Reviews.

  7. Ohh scones and jam! Good choice; I love scones. :)

    -- Nicola Reads YA

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love fruit scones with cream - not a jam fan myself but with cream, or sometimes just butter, mmmm. Lovely.
    I've followed back on GFC, looking forward to seeing your posts.

    ~Ailsa @ The Book Bundle

  9. Sometimes I feel the same way about fresh French bread!

    New follower on Bloglovin'!

  10. Ohh I really never tried scones before but I have heard they are delicious I choose Italian because I just love there pastas and soup. Thank you for following me and stopping by my blog. New Follower on Bloglovin & GFC! :)

  11. Omg yes! Scones and tea are great. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Blue Books and Butterflies

  12. Oooo scones sound good now. Yummy! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    New follower via GFC and Bloglovin'.

  13. Mmmmm! Scones are delicious! I think I need to do some baking... New Bloglovin follower :)

    Here's my F&F!

  14. Great choice! I'd only have the jam if it was grape. I'd choose Italian. I'm a new bloglovin' follower. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  15. Oh, GOOD CHOICE! I am going to be weird here and say my secret food love is toast (along with sushi) -- or really bread. I can toast, put any spread on it, enjoy sourdough or chia seed loaf and I'm happy. I saw lemon and blueberry scones today) Followed back on bloglovin' and insta

  16. Great choice.I adore jam too.
    Silvy @Books are my life

  17. I stopped by your blog today.

  18. I'm pretty sure that I've never had scones but the ones they made in the Great British Bake Off looked delicious, sadly I can't bake and the store made scones look awful.
    New Bloglovin Follower!
    Paulina @ The Little Book Pixie

  19. Ooo, nice! I had this conversation with my husband yesterday about scones. I love scones with cream...the British way. All the scones I've eaten here where I live are all so dry and flavorless. Maybe I'm not going to the right places. But your way sounds great! New GFC follower.

    Shannon @ The Tale Temptress

  20. Simple things are the best! Thanks for stopping by our blog earlier. :)
    following you back via GFC

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  21. I've never tried scones! I don't really like cream, so maybe it's not a good option for me.
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm following on bloglovin :)

    Kar @ Pause Time