Thursday, 26 November 2015

From a High Tower (The Elemental Masters, #11)

From a High Tower
by Mercedes Lackey

Pages: 320 pages, paperback

Publication: June 22, 2015/Titan Books

Source: eARC

When a man is caught stealing from a walled garden owned by a strange woman, he bargains away his youngest daughter in return for food for his family. The woman, rumored to be a witch, takes the golden-haired child and locks her away in a high tower. Sixteen years later, Giselle has lived an isolated life, but her adoptive mother has trained her in Air magic, and Giselle must use her new skills on a quest to avenge her broken heart...

I was expecting great things from this. Mercedes Lackey is a goddess in fantasy fiction, so I stumbled in expecting to be awed. How wrong I was. I thought that with so many books under her belt that she'd have flawless writing and pacing, and no flat characters, but there you go.
I'm writing this weeks after I'd read it, and I honestly couldn't read her name, until I looked the information on Goodreads.

Basically, Giselle, being the best shot in all the land (of course..... *eye roll*) gets taken in by a circus troop. Among the troop are a bunch of Native Americans touring with the hopes of getting enough money to buy back their land back in America. I'm not sure I want to comment on the way that these Native Americans are treated, since I'm not one myself. I'lll leave it up to the Native Americans to decide for themselves.

Three quarters of the book was detailed description of Giselle's life in the circus, from the travelling, to the cleaning of her guns, to every single conversation, and every single circus performance. It was tedious and so so boring. I was expecting a retelling of Rapunzel, yet those features only show up in the first dozen or so pages of the book, and during the very rushed ending.

All in all, I was severely disappointed. And due to this book being her, like, 20th or even 30th book, I don't think I'm interested in reading anything else by her.

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